Episode 23 – Charter $chool$

I know it’s been a month…it’s just been a crazy busy time! Today, I talk about an online charter school in Arizona who’s CEO is raking in the cash. I also talk about a highly successful charter school that my kids used to attend and how it all came tumbling down.

Episode 20 – California Props 2018 Edition

In this somewhat extended episode, Jimmy dives into the California propositions. Get the last minute scoop on the potential laws that may or may not change your life. If you don’t live in California, well, you can get a glimpse as to why that might not be so bad (it’s not all glorious like you see during the Rose Parade).

Episode 18 – Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders could arguably be called the father of the modern Democratic Socialist movement in the United States, and candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are adding to the numbers in Congress promoting it. The Nordic Model seems to be the thing they are vying for, but can that even work in the United States, much less be a movement that the people of the US would support?