Episode 40 – STILL Nothing Has Changed

I’m back after a few weeks off talking about “poor shaming” and the Mueller Report. As we found from the Barr summary of the report, people’s minds still aren’t changing: if you supported Trump, you probably haven’t read it and, therefore, your mind hasn’t changed. If you don’t support him, you still don’t. The sad part is that the report actually shows how involved Trump was and all the measures he took to try and kill, limit, or interfere with the investigation, which is curious since the report also found that the Trump campaign did not actually work directly with the Russians to sway public opinion (i.e. “hack” the election).

Items discussed on this week’s show:

Chase’s deleted Monday Motivation Tweet:

Hannity’s take on Barr testimony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8qHksuzbSk

The Mueller Report:

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