Month: May 2019

Episode 43 – Impeachment, Part 3

In the final part of my three-part series looking into impeachment, I take an in-depth look into the impeachment that never was…because President Nixon resigned before it could happen. We also talk about Mueller’s statement and Trump’s tariff on Mexico. Watergate Scandal: Mueller’s Statement: Trump Says AG will look into UK and Australia,…

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Episode 42 – Impeachment, Part 2

This week, I take a look at the second and, to date, last impeachment of an American president. But first, I rant a bit on general stupidity. Bill Clinton’s Impeachment: Starr Report: Whitewater:

Episode 41 – Impeachment, Part 1

This week, I begin a three-part series in looking at impeachment (or, in one case, almost impeachment). The similarities we are seeing in today’s political climate are striking to things we have seen in our history. In part 1, I talk about what led to the impeachment of our Seventeenth President, Andrew Johnson. Impeachment of…

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Episode 40 – STILL Nothing Has Changed

I’m back after a few weeks off talking about “poor shaming” and the Mueller Report. As we found from the Barr summary of the report, people’s minds still aren’t changing: if you supported Trump, you probably haven’t read it and, therefore, your mind hasn’t changed. If you don’t support him, you still don’t. The sad…

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