Month: March 2019

Episode 37 – Nothing’s Changed

This week on the show, the theme is nothing has changed. Charter schools still are allowed to bilk the California taxpayer, and the Mueller Report’s release has done nothing to put a close to that “Russia thing”. Here are the articles we referenced this week: Charter School: Anderson vs. Maddow vs. Hannity:

Episode 35 – College Scandal

Of course we talk about that whole rich people college scandal, as I’m sure many other shows. Hopefully you find we will come at it from a slightly different angle. I also touched upon the latest entry into the Democratic primary and the “testicular bill of rights” legislation in Georgia. Show Links:…

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Episode 34 – Disasters, Democrats & Whitesplaining

This week, I talk about accusations of how disasters are handled based on political leanings, the Democratic nomination field, and the “epidemic” of “whitesplaining”. Here are the links to articles discussed on this week’s show:

Episode 33 – The Subprime Mortgage Crisis

This week, I take a break from the current news and look back at the subprime mortgage crisis, which led to the Great Recession. I talk about the things that lead up to the crisis, and how we didn’t learn from history and, sadly, might still repeat history in the future.