Month: October 2018

Episode 19 – Handicapping the Midterms

First, a caveat: this episode was actually recorded on Tuesday afternoon, but I was not able to upload until today. Nonetheless, in this brief episode, I do my best to handicap where I think the midterm elections will go for the House and Senate. Enjoy!

Episode 18 – Democratic Socialism

Bernie Sanders could arguably be called the father of the modern Democratic Socialist movement in the United States, and candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are adding to the numbers in Congress promoting it. The Nordic Model seems to be the thing they are vying for, but can that even work in the United States, much less…

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Episode 17 – Final Thoughts on Kavanaugh

With the confirmation of now Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Jimmy gives some final thoughts on the confirmation process and what one of the lessons that ought to be from this whole thing. Also, who can guess the connection to this episode’s bumper music?