Month: August 2018

Episode 9 – Trump’s Cohen Problem

Tuesday was a tough day for the President, as Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight charges and Michael Cohen pleads guilty to several charges, including two that would seem to implicate the President. But what does this all mean? Will this be President Trump’s downfall? And does this all sound vaguely familiar? We break…

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Episode 8 – Who is Paul Manafort?

Fresh off of his conviction on 8 financial crimes, we look into who Paul Manafort is. What does this mean for President Trump? Also, we do a quick follow up on our coverage of the “truth isn’t truth” segment that we talked about on Episode 7.

Episode 3 – Trump vs. LeBron

With LeBron James taking on the President in a Don Lemon interview, the President went on the offense on Twitter. Also, NFL preseason games involved some protests during the National Anthem. Finally, is it racist if a nonwhite person makes derogatory comments about white people? There’s a lot to talk about on this episode of…

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